Why is our butter so good

The top quality butter is genuine and natural. It is made from sweet and sour cream, making it aromatic and nutritious. Our modern manufacturing technology maintains the butter‘s ideal consistency, it‘s delicate taste and ensures it is easily spreadable.

1. Butter SVALYA is completely natural and made solely from sweet cream.

2. Produced with the state-of-the-art global technology enabling application of special cream processing temperature and ripening regimes, butter SVALYA can be distinguished by its flavour characteristics: its flavour becomes fuller, more clear-cut, more natural, richer, more intense and more expressive.

4. Butter SVALYA has a more plastic and homogenous consistency and cohesive texture; it holds together well, does not break apart; it is more flavourful, has a butter colour and gloss, stable quality, smooth texture and is easier to spread even right after taking it out of the refrigerator.

5. During the production, pre-packaging and packaging phases, butter SVALYA is protected from environmental impacts to the maximum extent, since it is produced and pre-packed in a self-contained process, sterile air environment, which results in butter staying fresh for a longer period.